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About Bank of New Cambria

The Bank of New Cambria opened for business on March 25, 1933.  It was organized after the two banks in New Cambria failed in January 1933 during the depression.  The failed banks, the New Cambria State Bank (organized in 1892) and the Farmers and Merchants Bank (organized in 1907) were both community owned banks.  The community came together and formed the Bank of New Cambria.  The new bank opened in the old State Bank building.  The bank staff was Sam Killam, Cashier; B.J. Billeter, Asst. Cashier; J. Bert Jones, President; E. W. Embleton, Vice-President; I.M. Cole, F.A. Wood, L.M. Thomas, Tom James and J.C. Branscomb were directors.

In 1965, a new bank building was built adjacent to its old building and was opened in November of that year. Staff and the board at that time were D.T. James, President; H.J. Gilleland, Vice President; George Harris, Cashier; Calista Dunham and George Harris, Cashiers and Directors; Bob Thomas, Assistant Cashier; Janet Dorr, Teller; Dorothy Saltsider, Clerk; Esther Belfield and Beulah Wood, Bookkeepers; Merton Cole, Secretary; and Charles Lampe and J. Bert Jones board  members.  The new building was 5,000 square feet with a bookkeeping room, cashier’s office, lounge, two restrooms, a janitor’s room, copy room, and a basement with a kitchenette.  It had a night depository, and was gas heated and had air conditioning.  In 1976, a drive up window was added.….. Continue reading about Bank of New Cambria here.


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