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About Bank of Idaho

Hello, and welcome to the Bank of Idaho’s website.  If you are looking at this page, I have no doubt you are considering growing your relationship with us, and for that, I thank you.  I am confident you will find your experience with Bank of Idaho to be different than what you’ll find with our competitors.  I want you to feel at home with us.  Our goal is to help you achieve your financial goals, both personal and business-related. We want to get to know you, to anticipate and meet your needs and continuously work to strengthen our bonds and deepen our understanding of your goals and aspirations.

For our small business clients, not only do we feel it is our responsibility to know who you are and how your business operates, but we want to help educate and inspire you to accomplish the goals you set for your business. Whether you are looking to triple your current size, preparing to pass the reins over to the next generation, or maintaining the strong following you presently have, we will engage your business and do all we can to ensure you have the proper tools from us to achieve what you aspire to do. We want to be a resource to your success!…  Continue reading about Bank of Idaho here


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