Banca Privata Leasing S.p.a.


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About Banca Privata Leasing S.p.a.

The institute was founded in 1987 as a leasing company from the initiative of the Reggiano Spallanzani industrial group with the name “Privata Leasing”, becoming a point of reference for SMEs in Emilia and beyond.

The transformation into a bank took place in 2011, taking on the current name and expanding the range of services offered to consumers and businesses.

Thanks to the limited shareholding structure and the fully paid-up share capital of € 62 million, Banca Privata Leasing has always been one of the most solid companies on the Italian scene… Continue reading about Banca Privata Leasing S.p.a. here.


Go directly to Banca Privata Leasing S.p.a. online banking.

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