Banca del Fucino S.p.a.


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About Banca del Fucino S.p.a.

Banca del Fucino is the oldest private Roman bank. Founded in 1923 by Giovanni and Carlo Torlonia, its name is linked to the realization of the reclamation and rearrangement works in the Fucino plain in Abruzzo.

In just under a century of history, Banca del Fucino has established itself as one of the most important Roman banking companies, maintaining its character as a local bank and its independence from the large banking groups that have incorporated the other main banks in recent decades banks of the capital, and is today the only historical banking brand that has maintained general management over Rome.

In recent years, Banca del Fucino has been at the center of a recapitalization and relaunch operation that was successfully completed in June 2020… Continue reading about Banca del Fucino S.p.a. here.


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