Alto Adige Banca S.p.a.


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About Alto Adige Banca S.p.a.

The company’s history is inevitably linked to the person of Peter Mayr, the founder of Südtirol Bank. Dr. Mayr is considered in Italy a pioneer in financial brokerage, in the use of multi-brand asset management and in financial advice.

1984 – Dr. Peter Mayr establishes SAVE Finanzberatung srl.

1991 – SAVE Finanzberatung srl is transformed into SAVE SIM spa.

1998 – Sale of SAVE SIM spa and establishment of ALPI SIM spa.

2001 – ALPI SIM spa receives the authorization for portfolio management from the Bank of Italy.

2006 – ALPI SIM spa requires a banking license… Continue reading about Alto Adige Banca S.p.a. here.


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