ABN AMRO Bank NV Frankfurt Branch


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About ABN AMRO Bank NV Frankfurt Branch

Our bank has a rich history, dating back more than 300 years. Since the legal merger between ABN AMRO Bank nv and Fortis Bank (Nederland) nv in 2010, we are called ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Rob Hazelhoff (ABN) and Roelof Nelissen (Amro) signed the ABN AMRO merger contract on 21 September 1991, creating the then largest bank in the Netherlands, the sixth largest in Europe and the sixteenth in the world. The new bank remained the main sponsor of the Rotterdam World Tennis Tournament, continuing the tradition ABN had started in 1973. Architect Henry Cobb, known for the pyramid he designed for the Louvre, designed the head office at Gustav Mahlerlaan in Amsterdam, where ABN AMRO has been established since 1999… Continue reading about ABN AMRO Bank NV Frankfurt Branch here.

Website: https://www.abnamro.com/

Go directly to ABN AMRO Bank NV Frankfurt Branch online banking.

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