5 tricks to save money on your credit cards

Don't neglect small potential savings, they can add up at after certain period.

Being surrounded by different things which are draining our monthly budget, we are on a constant look out for ways to save money. The standard suggestions are that we should keep track of our spending, decrease utility bills, grocery bill etc. These suggestions are just fine and we should consider

Are long time savers risky borrowers?

As a saver you have the habit of depositing each month to your account, this should be valuable habit for banks.

One of the biggest problems for banks and any lender for that matter, is to provide lending to creditworthy borrower. Namely, they try to avoid borrowers that could potential default on their loans. The creditworthiness of borrowers is evaluated on the basis of a predetermined evaluation criteria. It should be

Investment apps – should you use them?

The investment apps enables the small investor to start investing. Enjoy the benefits of using investment apps.

The opportunity for an investor with limited amount of money has been restricted for long time. Wealthy investors enjoyed the option to invest in stock market and earn profits accordingly, while the small investor faced numerous obstacles. The events that took place during the last decade, had drastic impact on