Amazon could  enter new industry through Amazon Bank

It is not surprising that Amazon plans to expand its operations in yet another industry. After become it has successfully dominated the online retail market and retail market, it strives to expand the value for its customers.  This means that Amazon could confirm its proactive strategy once again if it

The return of the fallen Giant – Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank settlement with the Department of Justice will be lower

Deutsche Bank was subject to numerous settlements in the last couple of years, which cost the bank billions of dollars. These settlements were made because of the manipulation of global interest rates as well as activities performed by the bank in the foreign exchange rate. Additional burden, has been the

Bank switching offers value in short and long run

Bank switching offers can provide short-term and long-term benefits

The last financial crises has increased the customer awareness and nowadays, customers are demanding more for less. In an era of rapid technological development, increased customer awareness and change in customers’ preferences, some banks see an opportunity to increase their customer base. Banks are trying to utilize this trend of