Should bitcoin be the only cryptocurrency for investment?

There are altcoins which are viable long term investment

The established wisdom is clearly now that there are three ‘serious’ cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, which have specific purposes and USPs –  goods and services transactions, smart contract functionality and trade finance respectively -  should now be classified as an investment sub-class in their own right.  They have

Cryptocurrencies as a long-term investment

Don't forget that you can invest in altcoins as well.

The results to date of investment in bitcoin have been spectacular. But what about the long-term? For equities, Benjamin Graham famously thought that undervaluation and low risk together would generate superior returns. Undervaluation is a highly difficult term to pin down, but some combination of (a) the discounted value of

Bitcoin Bank opened in Vienna – Austria

The opening of Bitcoin Bank in Austria shows the popularity of cryptocurrency

The first bitcoin ATM in Austria has been introduced three years ago. Today, there are more than 20 merchants accepting bitcoin in Vienna. Nowadays, an interesting news is the newest development in relation to the virtual currency. Namely, a bank focused on activities related to the virtual currency, named “Bitcoin Bank”,