Australian Banking Code changes in favor of customers

Australian Banking Code changes in favor of customers

Certain scandals in the Australian banking sector imposed the need for modification of the Australian banking Code. Changes in the Code serve the purpose to protect customers and offer better services as well as to bring back the trust in the banking sector. What is Bank Code or Code of Banking

5 reasons why you should use online banking

There are plenty of reasons to start using online banking.

New technology had major impact on the way we perform our everyday activities. The way we communicate, the way we make purchases has change drastically during the last decade. Of course the way we bank has also changed with the development of online banking. While the influence of the technology is

Bitcoin Bank opened in Vienna – Austria

The opening of Bitcoin Bank in Austria shows the popularity of cryptocurrency

The first bitcoin ATM in Austria has been introduced three years ago. Today, there are more than 20 merchants accepting bitcoin in Vienna. Nowadays, an interesting news is the newest development in relation to the virtual currency. Namely, a bank focused on activities related to the virtual currency, named “Bitcoin Bank”,

Unwrapping the Wells Fargo phony accounts package

The wells Fargo phony accounts scandal expands to business owners as well

Almost a month ago we have witnessed on of the biggest scandals in the banking industry. The gigantic magnitude of the scandal should not be seen from financial perspective. Instead, its magnitude should be seen in terms of number of customers who became victims because of inadequate sales practices. This

The return of the fallen Giant – Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank settlement with the Department of Justice will be lower

Deutsche Bank was subject to numerous settlements in the last couple of years, which cost the bank billions of dollars. These settlements were made because of the manipulation of global interest rates as well as activities performed by the bank in the foreign exchange rate. Additional burden, has been the

Commerzbank plans to focus on its core activities

Restructuring down to core activities

Commerzbank has announced its plans to undergo a restructuring of its activities and operations. The restructuring is part of the strategy to cover its losses, and concentrate its activities in two segments: private customers and corporate clients. Commerzbank is the second biggest lender in Germany, after Deutsche bank. The restructuring