Australian Banking Code changes in favor of customers

Australian Banking Code changes in favor of customers

Certain scandals in the Australian banking sector imposed the need for modification of the Australian banking Code. Changes in the Code serve the purpose to protect customers and offer better services as well as to bring back the trust in the banking sector. What is Bank Code or Code of Banking

7 tricks to reduce your banking costs

Try to pay atention to the small charges by your bank, eliminating these charges could save you money

 You use bank products and services on regular basis, and usually these products and services come with certain fee, you don’t want to be charged with. Therefore, can you do something about these service fees. If you can lower or even eliminate these fees, it can result is substantial savings

Switching banks – Is it worth it?

Sometimes it is wise to be switching banks

Customers are changing their favorite brands when they feel disappointed or when another brand is offering higher satisfaction. Thus the pursuit for higher satisfaction is resulting in customers seeking new products and/or new companies. This possibility is offered by the fact that there is not much of a hassle involved