7 tricks to reduce your banking costs

Try to pay atention to the small charges by your bank, eliminating these charges could save you money

 You use bank products and services on regular basis, and usually these products and services come with certain fee, you don’t want to be charged with. Therefore, can you do something about these service fees. If you can lower or even eliminate these fees, it can result is substantial savings

Unwrapping the Wells Fargo phony accounts package

The wells Fargo phony accounts scandal expands to business owners as well

Almost a month ago we have witnessed on of the biggest scandals in the banking industry. The gigantic magnitude of the scandal should not be seen from financial perspective. Instead, its magnitude should be seen in terms of number of customers who became victims because of inadequate sales practices. This

Wells Fargo fake accounts scandal – Who should we blame?

Wells Fargo fake accounts scandal, are customers responsible as well?

Scandals in the banking sector are not rare, but the newest scandal attracted much attention. The latest scandal with phony accounts has shown the pressure banks and bank employees are having in order to meet their sales goals. In addition, the Wells Fargo scandal is showing the vulnerability of bank

Why switch banks – reasons people do it?

Check out some reasons that could make you thinking Why switch banks.

             The subject of switching banks is something that every one of us is planning to do at some point. Whether we will do it or not depends on different factors (personal or external factor, since, there are switching barriers that could force us to stay with the current bank).