4 reasons to bank with big banks

There are numerous reason that go in favor of the big banks, some of which are....

A notable trend during the last couple of years is the change in customer preferences towards big banks. Namely, customer are starting to bank with smaller banks or local community banks. Because they choose not to bank with big banks they are taking their money away from the big national banks. This trend is evident in the period after the last financial crisis.

But the questions is whether this is a smart move or not. Should customers bank with big banks or transfer their money into local community bank? What are some of the reasons to bank with big banks?

Banking with big banks offer certain advantages over the smaller community banks. Some of the reasons to select a big bank are listed below.

  1. Developed ATM network

It is obvious that because of the scale of operation of big banks they have better developed network of ATM and branches as well. You can find an ATM of some big bank all over the country.  The difference in number of ATM’s and geographical coverage is obvious. You can use an ATM of a big bank all over the nation, while this is not the case with a local community bank.

  1. Developed branch network

Another reason to bank with big banks aside of the ATM network is their network of branches. Big banks have well established network of branches in which they offer their products and services. The difference is more than evident if we compare for instance the number of branches of Bank of America and Oak Valley Community Bank. According to the information regarding the number of branches Bank of America branch network is composed of 4639 branches while Oak Valley Banks has 17 branches.

  1. Implementation of latest technology

Big banks have resources and strategy to follow the latest technology. The sheer size of big banks and the level of resources they have enables them to digitize their services. Local community banks most often have limited amount of resources and limited size of customer base (locally). Meaning that investments in costly technological solutions may not be justified. Therefore you are not enjoying the benefits of technological advancements with local banks. It should be noted though, that this should not be taken for granted. There are some smaller banks who have been following the technological developments.

  1. Diversity in product offerings (wide assortment of financial products and services)

When banking with big banks you have a better chance of finding adequate financial product or service. Because of the scale of operations and the number of customers, big banks are able to create versatile product offerings. Unlike local community banks, it is profitable for banks to develop different types of products. Local banks on the other hand may not be able to offer specific products or custom products . Smaller banks have limited demand for these products because their customer base is smaller.

There are many reason to be banking with big banks have. You should choose the type of bank in accordance to your personal preferences for financial products and services. In addition, don’t forget to take into account your life style before you decide on the type of bank. This is in a sense that if you are a regular traveler it may be a smart move to go with the big banks because of their geographical coverage. Moreover, if you move often then banking with a local bank will mean that you have to switch banks each time you move to a new location.