Review of the “Do I really need that document” bank clients

Employees are trying to explain to the bank clients that all documents are required

  In a previous post a review was made for the “I know everything clients”, this post will review the “Do I really need that document” category of bank clients. While the previous category of clients could be considered arrogant and ignorant, this category can be considered to be a bit lazy or forgetful. The “Do I really need that document” category of clients are clients who constantly don’t have the complete documentation required by the bank (when applying for loan, opening a saving account, etc.).

            So the story goes like this, a client enters the branch, goes to the designated employee and asks questions regarding the product of interest. Next step is that the bank employee is giving all the answers and pinpoints the necessary documentation that the client should have during next visit to the bank. The problem starts during the next visit, bank employee is carefully going through the documents and is noticing that some of them are missing. He/she is explaining to the client that they need all of the pre-specified documents. What follows is a wave of excuses why those documents could not be gathered. After going back and forth, the clients accepts the fact that the bank needs those documents.

            What comes, the next time the client is in the bank, is the realization that he/she didn’t gather (again) all the necessary documentation. This is the phase for which these clients are labeled as “Do I really need that document” category. These clients, simply cannot understand that although banks strive to attract new clients and maintain existing client, they cannot simply overlook an incomplete documentation. So they start with the well-known sentence (bank employees would agree on this one), Do I really need that document; Can we do something without that document; Why do you need that document; I cannot find that document; My employer doesn’t give the document; And I don’t want to give that document to you. This is VERY, VERY (again) VERY annoying. This is the moment when bank employee is trying to explain (again) the reason why all required documents are a must. Regardless of the excuses or arguments made by the clients for incomplete documentation, most often the real reason is their laziness or forgetfulness. In other words, they don’t want to gather the required document or they even forget what documents they need. Clients should correct his behavior because, gathering the complete documentation the first time, will save them a trip to the bank.

            Although the bank employee would gladly say what he/she is thinking to the bank client, they must be polite and explain same thing all over again, until the client realizes that it is a standard documentation (required by law or in accordance to the internal bank procedures and policies). In reality bank clients should understand that when a certain documentation is asked by the bank, you MUST provide that documentation.

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