How to trade stocks and shares online?

Functionally, trading online is relatively straightforward. The first task still is to find a reliable, appropriate broker: relating directly to Exchanges, let alone to unquoted stocks, is still a time-consuming, expensive, difficult exercise with plenty of risk. Online brokers such as Fidelity and Merrill and their many competitors can be

What to consider when investing in the stock market?

At first, the stock market can appear a daunting prospect. Hundreds if not thousands of companies to choose from, a range of different markets, a bewildering choice of brokers, investment strategies and trading methods, and a regulatory backdrop that speaks of precipitous decisions, misleading information, corporate finance deals creating unimaginable

Should bitcoin be the only cryptocurrency for investment?

There are altcoins which are viable long term investment

The established wisdom is clearly now that there are three ‘serious’ cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, which have specific purposes and USPs –  goods and services transactions, smart contract functionality and trade finance respectively -  should now be classified as an investment sub-class in their own right.  They have