What is Bank Activities?

Each and every one of us needs to make a financial decision, whether it would be about the mortgage, a car loan, personal loan, credit card, or saving related decision. At some point in our life we might be making a wrong decision when it comes to bank related matters. The wrong decision could be made regarding issues which could impact our life and living standard severely. These wrong decision are most often made because of lack of adequate information, or lack of information in general.

Considering the importance of the decisions regarding bank related issues, Bank Activities aim is to provide adequate information regarding the different bank products. Bank Activities can be considered to be a place where you could find informational content about bank (finance) related issues.  More precisely, Bank activities will present information and the way you should use this information about different bank offers and numerous bank services and products. In addition, you will be able to find guidelines which (hopefully) will help you in your decision regarding financial matters.

Bank activities is also supporting the idea of you (as a bank client) to share your positive and/or negative experience you have had when dealing with your bank. The sharing your experience is important because it will help all of us to get a real picture about the quality of different banks in terms of their services and their products. In addition, you will understand that we should not blame the entire bank if we are dissatisfied from the services of a specific branch. This is in a sense that clients’ always blame the banks for issues that might arise from a specific branch. Although the bank should always solve any client disputes, customers should not spit on the name of the bank because he/she is dissatisfied with a specific branch.  Hence, Banks Activities motto is “Information before decision”, which is summarizing the main idea behind the creation of Bank Activities.


Motivation for launching Bank Activities

Bank Activities has been created with the goal to help people who do not really understand how banks operate, but anyway, find themselves making wrong decisions. Most often these decisions are made because people do not bother enough to gather information prior to going to the bank. In some cases, maybe they have been misinformed because of inadequate information. Which is resulting in negative effect for both, the client and the bank. The client is dissatisfied and may be faced with financial problems in the future, while the bank may lose a client. Thus, Bank Activities has been launched, with the objective of provide as accurate as possible information in relation to different bank products and services.


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