American Exchange Bank

About American Exchange Bank

The American Exchange Bank was incorporated July 13, 1889 and bank business began on September 9, 1889. The incorporators were F. E. Stevens, E. A. Stopher, W. S. Waters and C. D. Stevens. The bank first used an existing building near the corner of 4th and D Street.  This two-story brick building was 60 ft by 28 ft by 24 ft and had brick walls 14 inches thick. The vault in the building was 14 ft by 14 ft by 12 ft. The building cost of the 1892 building was $4,911.89.  The bank occupied this building for 82 years. In 1974, the bank built a new 40 ft x 60 ft building one block north to its present location at 151 N. Fourth Street.   This building also has a full basement available for….. Continue reading about American Exchange Bank here.


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Number of branches and offices in USA: 2

Main Bank

Elmwood Branch

151 N 4th,

P.O. Box 267

Elmwood, NE 68349

Eagle Branch

Hwy 21 Office / Main Office

440 D Street,

P.O. Box 407

Eagle, NE 68347